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A mirror is always a useful thing to carry around with you. You may wish to check your hair in the taxi on your way to a hot date, or make sure there's no spinach in your teeth before going into a job interview. Mirror Lite ensures that you don't need to carry a mirror around with you, turning your iPhone into a portable looking glass.

Let me note at this point that, at the time of writing, Mirror Lite is number one in the App Store chart. I was yet another gullible fool who got sucked into by the hype only to discover this is one of the most pointless applications ever developed.

Originally, I thought Mirror Lite would somehow utilize the camera functionality of the iPhone to help me check myself out. But no, it just displays a plain black screen with a fancy frame around it, which you can catch your reflection in if you're stood in the right light. Essentially, this achieves more or less the same effect as if you just stared at your iPhone while it was switched off. Plus, if you want it to look like your face is inside the frame, you have to hold the phone about two arm-lengths away from you (which, of course, is anatomically impossible).

Now, to me, a mobile app whose function can be replicated without even switching your phone on is not a very useful app. In fact, were it not for the fact that Mirror Lite lets you select from a few different frame, this would be my choice for worst iPhone app of all time.

If you're thinking of keeping Mirror Lite installed on your iPhone I suggest you take a long, hard look at yourself first.

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Mirror Lite 1.7

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